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Slowman Design Business Partner Advertising Opt-Out

Last Modified: 3 December 2022

When you visit the web sites of certain Slowman Design business partners, we may use a service provider to record information about the visit and may use that information to customize advertising that we serve. If you don’t want us to use this information in this way, please contact our customer service administrator (Perth Office). Alternatively, you can visit the listed service provider's Opt-Out page. If no information on the service provider is listed on our web site(s), we may not be recording information or running third party advertising at the time of access, use or purchase of the Slowman Design service. To learn more, please read about Slowman Design Online Advertising. For the full Slowman Design Privacy Policy click here. For the Google privacy policy click here.


This means that your preferences are not being tracked by Google. To opt-out or for more information about opting out of other companies’ customized advertising, please email us:

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Last Modified: 3 December 2022

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