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Slowman Design Children's Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 22 September 2018

Slowman Design Web Services recognize the need to provide additional privacy protections when children visit the websites on which this Children's Privacy Policy is posted. The following guidelines supplement our general Privacy Policy and follow the rules set by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and other applicable laws. When we use the term "child" or "children" below we mean an individual under 13 years of age or an individual under 18 years of age where the collection, use or disclosure of personal information about such an individual is restricted by applicable law. When we use the term "parent" below, we mean to include legal guardians.

1. Information We Collect

Children can enjoy content and features on Slowman Design Services without directly providing contact information. However, children who wish to participate in sweepstakes, contests, and certain other special activities may need to provide information such as first name, user name, password, email address, date of birth, city and state of residence, and gender.

In the course of participating in interactive features such as chat rooms and message boards, a child may provide us with additional information about himself or herself, such as the contents of his or her postings. Some information, including information collected through cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies, may be collected automatically. For more information, see the information we collect automatically section of our general Privacy Policy.

If we knowingly collect, use, or disclose contact information collected from a child, we will provide notice and obtain parental consent in accordance with applicable law.

We do not condition a child's participation in an online activity on the child's providing more contact information than is reasonably necessary to participate in that activity.

2. Use of Information

We use the information we collect consistent with the services requested by the child. For example, we may use information provided by the child to:

• Send a newsletter, electronic card, and other communication requested by the child;
• Enable a child's participation in certain interactive features such as games, contests, message boards, chat rooms, song requests, and online scrolling tickers; and
• Respond to correspondence sent by the child.

We may also use a parent's contact information to communicate with the parent regarding the child's activities on Slowman Design Services. For example, if a child wins a sweepstakes or contest, we may use the parent's contact information to conduct prize fulfillment.

3. Disclosure of Information

Information collected from children will be disclosed in the same ways described in the disclosure of information section of our general Privacy Policy. Third parties who receive contact information collected by Slowman Design have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of that information. Parents have the option not to consent to the disclosure of their child's contact information to third parties. Parents may also consent to Slowman Design's collection and use of their child's contact information while refusing to permit the disclosure of that information to third parties.

4. Parents' Choices and Access to Children's Information

Parents may review the contact information we have collected from their child, refuse to permit us to collect further contact information from their child, and request that any contact information we have collected be deleted from our records.

To review, update, or delete your child's contact information, please contact us. You may also send your request to the postal address listed below. To protect your child's safety, we ask for proof of your identification. We may deny access if we believe there is a question about your identity.

Please note that certain information cannot be deleted because of other legal obligations, such as FCC requirements.

5. Changes to the Children's Privacy Policy

We may amend the Children's Privacy Policy at any time and will make material changes only on conformance with applicable laws. We will provide parents with notice of any material changes in the way we intend to collect, use, and share children's contact information. Accordingly, parents should update their contact information to provide us with current email addresses at all times.

6. Contact Us

If you need further assistance, please contact us. If you would prefer to submit your questions or comments by mail, please send a letter to the following address:

Attn: Legal Department
Slowman Design Services
10 Sunbury Link

International users, may also use the above listed postal address to forward questions or formalize concerns relating to this Privacy Policy. Please note that the Australian office listed above operates under AWST parameters. All correspondence received by our officers will be processsed and responded to within a reasonable time frame.

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Last Modified: 22 September 2018

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