Slowman Design Privacy Principles

Slowman Design Privacy Principles

Last Modified: 3 December 2022


Slowman Design responds to user inquiries, participates in industry programs, and has adopted privacy practices that are consistent with applicable country, state, and local data protection laws.


Slowman Design provides clear notice of its privacy practices through a single Privacy Policy that is readily accessible across all Slowman Design Services. Slowman Design also provides clear information about its online advertising practices.


Slowman Design has adopted commercially reasonable information security policies and practices to help protect your information.


Slowman Design allows you to enjoy content and features on Slowman Design Services without directly providing any contact information.

If you choose to share contact information with us, Slowman Design will identify any options you have for controlling the use of this information at the time it is collected.

You are also given the opportunity to opt out of commercial email or text messages from a particular Slowman Design Services or service by following the instructions contained in any such message.

You have choices about the collection and use of your data by third parties to deliver relevant advertising, as described in our overview of Third Party Online Advertising.


Slowman Design allows you to update or disable the contact information you have provided through our Services.

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Last Modified: 3 December 2022

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